“Guys… let’s go to Hawaii”, and that’s how six roommates decided to go to Maui for one week. Whether it was stemmed by watching the Terrace House franchise on Netflix, getting wanderlust from social media, or realizing that if we have the time and opportunity why not go?


I need a chance to pause and fully take in the commitment that is made when you travel with your friends. Especially with roommates. We have lived together for almost a full year and this is the first time all of us had been consecutively spent time together without doing our own thing. I commend all of the people that traveled with me. I can definitely be extra. Attempting to become a Yelp Elite Member during my time here is an example. But with this extra patience, there also grows more respect. How do you really know someone unless you are packed into a car for hours each day to take on the next adventure?


Problems we faced, plus their solutions: FYI solutions sound very ad-like but I want to reassure you that I just started this blog and no one wants to pay me. This is just advice I hope helps you!

  • How are we going to get around?
    • We are 23, minimum rental car age is 25. I went through Hertz and used my AAA membership to get the underage fee waved. Check out their page on coupons/discounts. I was able to get a free day off our rental.
  • Flights are expensive.
    • We tracked flights using Hopper, a mobile app that tracks flights that you are interested in and makes predictions on when is the best time to wait and when to buy.
  • What are we going to do?
  • Activities are expensive.
    • Check Groupon offers, Costco (travel deals), and also consider if it’s a priority. Sometimes you need to splurge if the deals aren’t there.
      • Not a Deal: Kapalua Ziplines but worth it for the viewsfullsizeoutput_ce5
      • Costco Deal: The Honoua’ula Sunset Luau and Show at the Grand Wailea $84.99 which included free valet parking, all you can drink even for alcohol (make sure you have a DD), and buffet

After 7 days we never got used to Hawaiian time. It’s three hours ahead over there and we woke up each morning around 5AM and ended each day by 9PM. WHY 9PM? Although we are still younglings and tried very hard to stay awake, we packed our day to the point where we were too exhausted to keep our eyes open. With bellies full of food and drinks (POG juice is my drug), legs tired from walking everywhere, and tan lines getting worse with hours in the sun we knew it was time to go.

Vacations can be a means to escape from reality, but it makes it easier when you are sad to come home and everyone else is just as sad with you. Aloha kākou!

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