I was born into my family with one sister, but I grew up with three. Not only were our parent’s all friends, but our Dad’s were all farmers. Grabbing dinner with our three families was a ritual whether it was just casually or for celebrations. We saw each other more frequently than we saw our own relatives.

It’s so much fun to reminisce about our own stupidity because we grew up experiencing it together. Our most recent mistake was to choose to go on a hike right after it rained. I’m sure if you went to school at San Luis Obispo or grew up in the area you have heard of Serenity Swing.

Serenity Swing in Poly Canyon

  • Distance: ~4 miles, 2 hours to complete
  • Difficulty: flat towards the beginning, but going up that hill made me keep using the mantra “my ass will thank me”
  • Parking: we parked in the parking structure closest to student dorms, need to purchase temporary parking $3-$5
  • Landmarks to know you are going the right way: Architectural Graveyard, pass through a couple gates and house
  • Notes: trampoline broken, dog friendly

After the exhaustion, we were hangry= hungry+angry or hitchy= hungry+bitchy

Big Sky Cafe

  • We stuffed our faces with the complimentary basket of killer cornbread, apple ginger coffee cake, herbed bread rolls
  • I got the gumbo ya ya off their lunch menu, but you can continue to order off the breakfast menu until 1PM
  • Close to the famous bubble gum alley


If you have zero self-control like me, go right across the street to…

  • Batch
    • ice cream sandwiches $4 and cookies are $.75
    • grab & go
    • fresh baked cookies they were offering: chocolate chip, oatmeal, fudge, peanut butter


On the walk back we also stopped by event design center and general store: Ah Louis Store

In an ideal world, we would have paced ourselves so we wouldn’t be completely exhausted. Too bad this is real life where all you can do for the rest of the day is drink wine, eat cheese/meats/fruit, and watch Netflix- specifically the Great British Baking Show.


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