*This is such a better title than Bro’s Before Hoe’s*

I met Mel at Freshman Orientation in the summer of 2011. First thought, this girl has red hair and is confident as hell. We didn’t talk at all but her personality was something I wouldn’t forget. Fast forward to the first day of school, we just listened to a pep talk from the Chancellor of UCI. I was excited and nervous but ultimately alone since we were separated by major and all the people that I had connected with beforehand were gone. Walking out of the Bren Events Center someone tapped me on the shoulder and it was Mel.  For the past six years, she has been and always will be my rock/my person (the Christina to my Meredith-Grey’s Anatomy).

One of the hardest adjustments I had to make post-college was Mel moving back home to San Francisco. Lucky for me though, she visits once a month. Her most recent visit involved a day trip to LA.

Kazu Nori: Hand Roll Bar

Things to know: You can do take out for their sushi but can’t take their hand rolls, you need to patient for those. There is a beautiful mural right next to this location.

Bottega Louie: Patisserie/Cafe/Restaurant/Gourmet Market

Things to know: Pricier and more upscale. I felt like a peasant for not being more dressed up so be aware you will be surrounded by trendy fashionable people who think it’s the norm to pay $20+ for a pastry. The packaging is beautiful.


The Last Bookstore: California’s largest new/used bookstore and record store

Things to know: Hipster. No public restrooms. Backpacks/large bags will most likely be checked at the beginning. Favorite review on yelp “it’s like the naughty, slutty, edgier step sister to Barnes and Noble”


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