The most honored tradition as of late is Wednesday night dinners. I stole the idea from my Grandma (my Mom’s Mom) who hosts her dinners on Thursdays to this day. For me, it initially stemmed when my sister, Katie, moved closer to me during her Pharmacy rotation. I would visit her in her one bedroom apartment in Huntington Beach where we would get take out and *watch a movie.

*in reality one or both of us would fall asleep

Now, our Wednesday dinners consist of Kyler, Graham, Howard, and I (plus or minus a couple people) going over to Kate and her boyfriend fiancé’s house to either cook/pick up dinner. This past Wednesday I felt a little brave and suggested trying Ayesha Curry’s cookbook, The Seasoned Life.


Thoughts while making this meal:

  • Main Course: Easy Pan Steaks
    • Time out, can’t afford filet mignon, Katie substituted with New York Steak
    • Kosher Salt- that’s the courser salt right?
    • It also calls for flaky sea salt? Okay no
    • Needs Rosemary
    • Since the steak is pretty thin we waited to make these last
  • Beverage: Rosemary Grapefruit Cocktail
    • I love me a good cocktail
    • I want to make this ASAP. I like feeling sophisticated while cooking
    • What’s a Rosemary Sprig?
    • I loved how Ayesha talked about her 21st birthday with Steph
    • DRANK
  • Side: Herb Roasted Potatoes with Lime
    • What’s marble potatoes? Probably just small potatoes
    • A shallot looks like a hybrid of a garlic clove and onion
    • How do you mince a shallot?
    • Needs Rosemary and Thyme… ha ha not enough Thyme to make this lol
  • Side: Roasted Broccolini
    • Is broccolini the taller/skinnier brother of the standard brocolli?
    • Never had this before, but Katie suggested so have an open mind and heart
    • Why doesn’t this need Rosemary?
    • Just realized what I should title this blog post


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