Please tell me you thought of Pretty Woman when you saw the title. I’ve watched that movie since I was young. Young enough to not realize that Julia Robert’s character, Vivian, was a prostitute and then you wonder why my parents let me watch that movie in the first place. Questionable parenting possibly? No of course not, they were just trying to show me the unconventional love story of a woman who fell for the man and not the money. Anyway, this isn’t about the movie it’s about the location.

HOLLYWOOD! Today was the day that I was finally able to go on the hike to the sign. We arrived to Lake Hollywood Park around 11AM this morning and started our trek up the hill.  It wasn’t until we got to the top that we realized today wasn’t going to be the day. We actually went on the tree of life trail to the Wisdom Tree, which was not only the wrong trail but the wrong mountain.


Although it wasn’t an intentional decision, we had no regerts… regrets. I felt bad for the people who gave up 3/4 of the way due to the steep incline. I also wanted to note that this was our puppy, Graham’s first hike. It tired him out but it’s definitely a dog friendly hike. *I was screaming inside from being so proud of him

Advice if you do go, make sure you eat breakfast beforehand, have plenty of water, and proper shoes. We grabbed a bite to eat at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. They are famous for their Cruffins, but TBH it’s the neon sign below that draws people in.

Wisdom Tree Address: Tree of Life Trail, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Address: 111 S Ave 59, Los Angeles, CA 90042


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