Exhausted but so happy. I’ve had this trip planned for a month now so I wanted to make the most of our time. On Thursday I got into work at 7AM so I was able to leave work at 3PM. Our flight wasn’t until 6:20PM but we had to drop off Graham at his first Dog Hotel. I know it’s not fair in saying this but I felt like I just dropped off my kid at his first day of school. A mother dreading her child leaving for the first time. Although I was sad, he could care less and was excited to go. After about an hour I was able to pull myself out of my slump and get to the airport. (Thanks for driving David!)

One thing you need to know about me: I have dumb luck. In the past year, I left my phone on a shuttle close to Vegas, got it back. The Friday before going to Joshua Tree I lost my wallet at the grocery store, found it. Yesterday, after going through security at the airport I realized I had somehow lost my ID and we had 15 minutes until we had to board, security found it. I need to seriously purchase a lottery ticket. We also found out our friend Shirley coincidentally was on the same flight and was able to save us prime seats.

I don’t like plane rides. So I purchased a carry on cocktail for $24 pre flight. Was it worth it? NOPE. Am I a sucker for cute packaging? YEP. After landing we got to the hotel and got ready for the big day.

The first stop was the Exploratorium at Pier 15. For me, it was an hour of realizing how much I don’t know about science or art. For Kyler, it was a place to geek out over all the real world applications from his Engineering degree.

Our next stop was lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf where our stomach’s were calling for Clam Chowder. Side note, the weather called for Thunderstorms but lady luck had our backs and we missed the brunt of it when it hit SF at 3AM. Unlucky for us we wasted $20+ dollars on 2 ponchos and an umbrella. img_0066

Our next stop: The Golden Gate Bridge. This has been on my bucket list for a long, long time. I should have warned him before but it has also been my goal to walk it. He was initially okay with the 1.7 miles across, his jaw dropped when he realized I wanted to walk back too. Besides that it was a great experience for the both of us.

At this point in the day we hit the 3PM slump so luckily I planned ahead and knew this would happen and took us to Tratto for happy hour. It was a modern Italian bar-styled restaurant.

Our Happy Hour:

Bitter Delight- Compari, Combier, Grapefruit, Prosecco

Fried Chicken Thighs, crispy prosciutto, lemon

A short walk from there we stumbled upon a smaller gallery that housed some familiar names: Picasso, Murakami, etc.


I personally believe this trip cultured us while lightening our pockets from all the Lyft rides. We seriously made a huge circle around the city. We didn’t completely rely on monetary transportation, and walked to Union Square. The tree in the center of the square was lit and completely drew in all tourists. img_0032

Right around the corner was the Macy’s famous windows. There were huge crowds, even more than the tree. Why? PUPPIES AND KITTENS. The San Francisco SPCA features adoptable puppies and kittens till January 1st. They also had a SPCA Kitten Cuddle Experience on the 7th floor. #adoptdontshop

To finish the night, we walked down 3rd street to SPiN. A ping-pong lovers delight brought to reality by Susan Surandon. They also have locations in LA, Chicago, and originally New York. For $29 we played our hearts content but declined on the cocktail/food offerings because we were that serious. Favorite thing wasn’t the esthetic, but the opportunity to not chase after ping-pong balls. We went through 30ish.


I want to make a special shout out to the following people who made this trip a success:

  • The security guard at SNA, who not only tried his best to find my ID when I initially asked but to also giving me the best call over the intercom in the airport to let me know he found it
  • Shirley for saving seats and allowing me to geek out over my crappy cocktail
  • Mel and Mel’s mom for giving me direction on how to best take on the city
  • All the Lyft drivers, minus the guy who almost got into an accident and getting lost
  • Kyler for being my travel companion

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