*This advice is based upon a half day visit not a hard-core camping outing.

GO ON A SATURDAY. There is a farmer’s market every week! Don’t go in December (or at least be prepared). It was a high of 50 and a low of 30 today with INTENSE windchill, I personally felt just like Rose in the Titanic. I was also poorly dressed for the weather, so don’t wear leggings.

Do you ever just Pinterest sometimes to impress your friends? No? Yeah me neither… I didn’t search “picnic lunches” or “how to properly wrap a sandwich”. My roommate told me that there was a study done that diagonal cut sandwiches were better than horizontal cut. That just shows the weird things he searches the internet for. Hi Kohei. So we cut our standard turkey sandwiches horizontally and it wasn’t life changing so don’t hold me to that. Mom Kylie to the max.

If you are nervous about getting lost, don’t be. Go to the Oasis Visitor Center and hopefully you meet Bill, the cutest older gentlemen volunteer. After you pay $20, at either the Visitor Center or the park entrance you will end up spending majority of the time in the car going to each destination but it’s worth it.


Arch Rock
Cholla Cactus Garden



1/2 Day Road Trip Summary: White Tank Campground/Arch Rock–> Cholla Cactus Garden–> Skull Rock–> Keys View (we ended here for sunset at 4:36PM and to see the stars 6:20PM)


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