This is a place that people pass and probably think “WOW, what is that?” or for those more unique in thought, like my sister, who thought “disco-ball beehive!”. In a more reasonable reality,  it is the ARTIC- Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center also known as a train station located in Anaheim, CA. I give Anaheim major props, they made an ultra-modern illuminated rainbow dome. Why? Because they are brilliant show offs.


Anyway, four of us decided to go since we were in the area.  Even though the outside was beautiful, the inside was so visually appealing, it made me go snapchat story cray cray. From the above picture it’s hard to tell but there are 3 levels to this place. The first floor has an open area with ticket stations and lots of seating options. Second was a restaurant called, The Oyster Bar SKC, click here to visit their Yelp page. Third level was great to take in the entire esthetic and to reach the train platforms outside. It took us 30 minutes at most to soak it all in so it could be a great pit stop to other destinations.

Why you should go?

  • Standard hours are from 4:30AM-12:00AM 7 days a week
  • It’s close to all sorts of places: Disneyland, A’s Stadium, Honda Center, etc.
  • Free admission, as long as you aren’t planning on taking the train
  • Parking is free if you dine at the Oyster Bar
  • The trains that depart from this location are the Orange County Line and Pacific Surfliner

Address: 2626 E Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806


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