Every time I watch Food Network or a YouTube Video on cooking I always wish that I could be as effortless in the kitchen. Usually when I cook, it involves me looking at the recipe at least a bajillion times. Yes a bajillion. I am not even exaggerating.

Katie (red shirt) and I

For my sister’s birthday, I wanted to be able to take her to a cooking class that we always talked about. Our mom cooked but I don’t think we paid much mind to her until we had to fend for ourselves after our swipes into our respective college dining halls ran out. At the end of September I looked on two websites I knew would offer a gourmet cooking experience: Sur la Table and William Sonoma.  Why did I choose Sur la Table? For it’s visibility and open information available on their website. They include a calendar of each of their class offerings by location. Once you choose the class you wanted, I chose “A Passport to Paris”, it offers a description of the class, menu, and instructor. At $69 per person, it was a little pricer than what I would normally pay for but it was for my sister, who is worth it (Hi Katie!) so I felt validated! I also found out that some of the classes went on sale *cries but gets over herself. So make sure you check periodically the pricing online!

Pulling off the surprise was more difficult than actually making the dishes. My sister loves to know all details and normally I would indulge her but I wanted her to think we were doing something crazy. I told her just wear closed toed shoes, something comfortable, and be ready an hour early before our “appointment”. She kept guessing and asked if we were going to a spa, a shopping spree, or skydiving. She made it very clear that she did not want to go skydiving. The other things she asked I’ve kept in my brain for future surprises for her.

She asked questions and continued to try to deduce where we were heading up until we were at the mall and in front of Sur la Table. Just to see her face light up was well worth it for me.Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

At the start of the class we were asked to not use GoPro’s, who would bring one to a cooking class? Me. I should have thought that one through but didn’t. Our instructor let us know that if we wanted to take any photos on our phones we will need to wash our hands after each use. Well worth it tbh, I wanted people on all my social media platforms to know just how wifey I could be but I also did it so our Mom could be proud of what we accomplished.

I loved the presentation of what we were given when we first walked in, we were given all of the tools and ingredients necessary to complete each dish, as well as a printed instruction manual just for references after the class as well as a 10% coupon we could use in store that day only. We were encouraged to take notes on measurements or suggestions we were given. Due to the 2.5 hour time limit and space available the class was split into groups of four. Lucky for Katie and I we were paired with a couple who have taken a couple of these classes before. img_1039

After we made each dish, all the groups combined their dishes to create mega dishes. We then were told to go in a single file line and grabbed our food like a buffet. Serving sizes differed and those towards the front of the line might have been a little greedy because when it came to our turn we had to make sure to save enough for those behind us. As you can see below, not as many people wanted salad. My personal fav was the dessert option- Caramel Pear Pot de Crème!

Overall, the experience was one I would definitely do again. I like the idea of challenging myself in cooking/baking and it doesn’t hurt to have someone to share each experience with. Especially when they are just as clueless as you.


  • Frisée Salad with Bacon and Poached Egg
  • Creamy Tarragon Chicken with Green Beans
  • Caramel Pear Pot de Crème

Interested in attending?

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