It’s 10PM Monday night. I am scrolling on Facebook and find myself staring at an ad for Descanso Gardens- Enchanted Forest of Light. It was a video highlighting the night time installments they have from end of November to the beginning of January. At the time I had this new mantra sort of speak where I take advantage of events that are relatively inexpensive and don’t involve crazy amounts of travel so this place was perfect.

I asked my best friend Sami to come with me and because she is so amazing, she agreed to go with me. I purchased two tickets via their online website for $28 each and chose the 7:30PM slot for the next day (tickets are specific entry timed). I checked elsewhere online and unless I decided to become a member the only other option was Groupon but they had specific dates in January and I didn’t want to wait.

After work, I picked up Sami and we left for LA/Glendale area. When we arrived we were an hour early and I was freaking out because of the whole time-entry clause. However, the people who were working the welcome booth were very kind and allowed us to go in. I bet they were more lenient since it wasn’t too busy on a Tuesday night, but it was a win/win!

The entire experience was AMAZING. I loved each light installment and the pathways were clearly marked so there isn’t a chance you could get lost, make sure to dress warm and bring comfy shoes. Mostly we saw young families or older couples.This would be perfect for a unique date night too! There were 8 installments:

  1. Flower Power- illuminated color changing tulips
  2. Rainbow Sycamores- touch sensitive color changing pillars
  3. Lightwave Lake- controls along the side of the lake changes color/direction
  4. Symphony of Oaks- Oaks surrounded by platforms where hopping creates the different sound of chimes/bells
  5. The Pool- Rainbow Lily Pads- a huge stretch of lawn that draws in crowds to hop on each lily pad
  6. Starlight Walkway- Pathway where hundreds of star shaped lights guide you from above
  7. Ancient Forest- Jurassic look where you are surrounded by fog and laser installations that create thousands upon thousands of green “fireflies”
  8. Garden of Good Fortune- bright red lanterns hang around the asian themed garden
The Pool
Starlight Walkway? More like Starlight Runway


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