Hollywood! What’s your dream?

Please tell me you thought of Pretty Woman when you saw the title. I've watched that movie since I was young. Young enough to not realize that Julia Robert's character, Vivian, was a prostitute and then you wonder why my parents let me watch that movie in the first place. Questionable parenting possibly? No of … Continue reading Hollywood! What’s your dream?

Disco Ball Beehive-ARTIC

This is a place that people pass and probably think "WOW, what is that?" or for those more unique in thought, like my sister, who thought "disco-ball beehive!". In a more reasonable reality,  it is the ARTIC- Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center also known as a train station located in Anaheim, CA. I give Anaheim major … Continue reading Disco Ball Beehive-ARTIC